Kelizandri is said to be the semi-divine offspring of a brine dragon and a minor godling, and is one of the four powerful beings collectively known as the Elemental lords. He rules over his realm of Kelizandrika, located on the Elemental Plane of Water where it borders the dark Plane of Earth. He generally takes the form of an immense dragon-like creature made of earth, metal, and crystal, and vacillates between periods of intense, violent activity and apparent torpor.

A truly ancient creature, Kelizandri is said to have destroyed the last marid Saline Padishah, Niloufar the Great, during the early years of the Age of Darkness. Since that time the native genie race has been fractured and without a strong leader.

Kelizandri is said to reside within the ruins of an ancient marid city made of coral that he dragged into the depths of Kelizandrika thousands of years ago.

His realm is adjacent to the divided kingdoms of the sahuagin and he is in frequent conflict with them. His presence is one of the only things that is able to unite the otherwise fractured Sea Devils behind a common goal.

Kelizandri is not a frequent object of veneration on the Material Plane, but is occasionally worshiped by coastal communities who make their living from the ocean. One of these is the seaside city of Shogokabe in the nation of Minkai.


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