The Mwangi Expanse

The Mwangi Expanse (pronounced MWAN-gi) is the catch-all term given to the wild interior of the continent of Garund. It is bordered to the north by the lands of Rahadoum, Thuvia, and Osirion, to the east is Katapesh, Nex, Alkenstar, and Geb, and to the west by the Sodden Lands, Shackles, and the colony of Sargava.

The Expanse also extends southwards beyond the Inner Sea Region.

There are few records of the region initiating dealings with outsiders, apart from the anti-colonial activities of the city of Mzali. Instead, foreigners (most notably the Aspis Consortium) travel into the Expanse in search of treasure. The usual hazards of jungle exploration are made worse by the existence of evil spirits, sentient plants, and juju cults but legends of lost cities of gold and incredible riches continue to attract visitors.

Wealth has been found in the region, and the existence of heavily-laden treasure ships heading north to Avistan from Bloodcove, Senghor, and also Eleder (in Sargava) has encouraged the growth of the pirates of the Shackles to prey upon them.

The Mwangi Expanse

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