Every pirate prefers a specific type of ship. Some value speed and stealth, while others demand the largest, most battle-worthy crafts available. Each entry below lists the ship’s length and its minimum and maximum number of passengers.

Rowboat: Sometimes seen in the River Kingdoms but mainly used as lifeboats on larger ships. 10 ft., 1–3.

Jolly-boat: A larger rowboat often used to ferry passengers to and from a larger ship. 20 ft., 2–10.

Cutter: A single-masted sailboat, very light and fast. 30–50 ft., 4–104.

Sloop: Similar to a cutter, but with a more forward mast suitable for many different types of weather. 30–50 ft., 4–104.

Keelboat: Keelboats look like oversized rowboats. Some have a cabin built in the middle. 50–80 ft., 4–104.

Barge: A flat-bottomed boat made for river travel. Barges can be towed by larger boats. 80–150 ft., 50–150.

Longship: Longships use both oars and sails and are generally used as warships. Their shallow draft makes them maneuverable along coastlines. 75–125 ft., 50–150.

Brigantine (Brig): A light, two-masted sailing ship. The forward sail is square-rigged. 30–50 ft., 20–140.

Caravel: A light sailing ship with two or three masts and multiple decks, usable on the open ocean. 30–50 ft., 20–140.

Carrack: A heavier sailing ship with three or four masts and multiple decks. 50–100 ft., 20–140.

Frigate: A heavy warship with a broad deck suitable for holding siege weapons. Frigates are the fastest and most maneuverable type of warship. 75–120 ft., 60–220.

Galleon: A warship with three or four masts and a distinctive square galley at the stern. 75–120 ft., 60–220.

Man-of-War: One of the heaviest warships, propelled primarily by sails. 90–130 ft., 60–220.

Xebec: A three-masted warship with a distinctive overhanging bow. 70–110 ft., 60–220.

Dromon: A two-masted galley powered by rowing or sailing. 100–150 ft., 200–400.

Slave Galley: An enormous ship powered mainly by rowing. 100–150 ft., 200–400.


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