Known as a “maid guy”, Kogarashi is towering, super-powered man in a maid uniform with facial features that includes a grin showing his sharp teeth and glowing eyes. He is also known for his sinister “Kukukukuku” laugh; most people refer him as a “Bakemono” because of it. Kogarashi is boldly confident in his numerous Maid Guy abilities, from cooking & cleaning to USB connectivity and X-ray vision, even claiming to have 37 senses.

He is extremely loyal to his assigned Master, but unafraid to criticize their faults. He also acts the same way towards his fellow maid, Fubuki. Ironically, Kogarashi himself lacks any regard for personal space or decency; hence, he is normally not depicted as a pervert, usually brushing off the opposite sex as they were an animal, implying he’s clueless about women. Because of this, he is often as much a source of problems for the home he serves as he is the solution.



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